Beerus is still technically faster than Galaxia, so it’s more than likely he’ll kill her before she can use her instant win technique. It’s the battle of sphinx and Cleopatra. Beerus was indeed the stronger and more skilled God that brought this match to a close call in the end. But Sailor Galaxia had the unlimited stamina, deadlier haxes, and near omnipotent abilities to become the True God of Destruction. In addition, Galaxia rippled space-time that can even be felt in the 30th century. He even has strong senses that he can smell food from across his Universe. Because she will be able to steal his life essence for an instant win, which would help even more should she be given the chance. Context is pretty important here though, because just going off of feats, I would say Sidra is weaker than Beerus. It's made clear in later episodes to boot that Whis can adjust his speed depending on the task, so it's unlikely to me Beerus would get his speed feats. Measuring the speed of both is easier. So as it turns out in an interesting turn of events a lot of what you hear thrown around for Sailor Moon isn’t true. Don't buy it. Power output is in Beerus’ favor. But neither feat is quite what they seem on the surface. Wandering the Milky Way in search of this place, she grew frustrated with the garbage populating the cosmos, using her galactic power to bring swift ends to all planets unworthy of her. It’d be inconsistent for her to be on par with him. In terms of speed, Goku and Beerus in the BoG arc were able to, move in tandem with their own universe-destroying shockwaves. Galaxia’s on the other hand her ability to steal the Starseed (or soul essentially) is very dangerous and quite possibly capable of killing Beerus If given the chance but Beerus does have some means of avoiding it, such as Ki barriers, his incomplete Ultra Instinct or just dodging it outright due to his superior speed. In addition, Beerus’ Ultra Instinct will definitely make it extremely difficult for Galaxia to land a killing blow on him, especially since the God of Destruction has the speed advantage even if the gap isn’t that wide. 5 months ago | 55 views. They’re both capable of casually destroying planets and stars, so why even go there? Beerus and Galaxia can destroy planets without problems, using the earth as a base, They are both capable of producing 57 zettatons of energy in the most basic attack, they can do that with basic energy attacks or sneezing, so I must go more into it. But Sailor Galaxia had the unlimited stamina, deadlier haxes, and near omnipotent abilities to become the True God of Destruction. It goes without saying that a lot of the Sailor Moon feats and haxes and stuff is very bloated and often a result of a majority of people not actually reading/watching the source material and just taking what maybe a few people said and running hog wild with it. Since then, Beerus has mostly mellowed out, thanks in part to the impressive battle with Goku. With her energy manipulation, telepathy, and astral projection, you could potentially come up with ways that she could take Beerus out, but here’s the problem… Beerus resists telepathy to a pretty good degree and he can nullify universal levels of energy with very little problem. (No, Galaxia is not Infinite, if we used this, Beerus would have the same argument anyway). characters who have done the same thing. But of course, the meat is in the stats. (the one so powerful the shockwaves shook the entire vs community and destroyed the 2 most prominent threads on the SA forums before they died). The bracelets also have the ability to, Being somebody that has existed for hundreds of millions of years (with the occasional decade long sleep) Beerus has had more than enough time to hone his fighting skills under the tutelage of the angel, chef, and sometimes adviser Whis. But people have already said that. Sealing Spell - Beerus can seal people into objects as he once sealed the Old Kai into the Z Sword after an argument with him during one of their coordination meetings held every 1,000 years. (Sure he’s probably getting fed to Broly down the line, but that's besides the point). Also, great choice of handles. iirc Sailor Moon has a calc putting her attack speed in the quintillions. Continuous Energy Bullet - A combination of many energy waves fired at a very rapid rate. Or Sailor Galaxia, the Sailor of Destruction?----BEERUS. These universes are the afterlife (Heaven & Hell), Outer Space (which is made up of galaxies and planets), and the Demon Realm. Beatrix Potter is great! Beerus has a life link with the Supreme Kai of Universe 7 so if they die so will Beerus. In the anime, Galaxia possesses a sword imbued with evil power, which she has used to great effect against those who oppose her. The information from the DragonBall lore of how Universe 7 is presented truly helped on how dangerous Beerus’s shockwave could have destroyed it. I know, it just irks me that they're saying Hakai is something it markedly isn't. Durability was tricky too as both can tank heavy hitters like Goku and Sailor Moon. Yet, I feel that Beerus is slightly more durable because of his fight with Goku and the shockwave collision of their Universe 7. The trouble there is that it wasn’t like he was physically dragging it? Even then, he can just use his martial arts as well. For this matchup, the Dragon Ball Super anime and the original Sailor Moon manga will be our primary sources of analysis. Both have good defenses, Beerus with his energy nullification and ki barriers, and Galaxia with energy redirection and her own barriers. The sheer energy exerted by the pair destroys the other planet while the sun finally collapses into a black hole. This was definitely one of the closest fights we’ve ever had, but Beerus’ overwhelming power, counters, and skill will be enough to spell cat-astrophe for Galaxia. Report. It clearly doesn’t take a particularly long time to reach Wiseman, but 1 second is a ludicrously low assumption, and using the anime, which is the only source that can be used to prove any solid timeframe, the light shines for 17 seconds before being shown to reach Wiseman’s location. Beerus, Universe 7's God of Destruction? I’m pretty sure that Liam only wrote the episode, he didn’t research it. Death Battle Link. What follows is shock and agitation on the Sailor Scout's part as Beerus seemingly appears before her, none the worse for wear, and takes her attack for the challenge that it is. A technique Beerus uses to increase the size of his Sphere of Destruction. I think overall, unless you start arguing that the Dragon Ball universe is smaller cause of stuff like Goku’s ship being able to cross it with only 100 Gs of acceleration, any dubious feat you could apply to Galaxia’s speed, you could probably make a similar case for a similarly dubious feat applying to Beerus, and he'd come out faster at the end. Stronger, faster, more durable, and more skilled. And while Beerus’ feat does seem much faster on the surface, keep in mind that him flying to a planet ⅔ the time it took Whis and the aforementioned universe flying feat were different in nature, as there’s no indication Whis was flying that fast while flying to the planet to search for Beerus’ food, and the universe feat was said to be him going the fastest he had than before. The Ultra Instinct allows Beerus to keep pace with Galaxia, catching her in a chain of attacks both physical and verbal. Her stage play song Galaxia Gorgeous is really addicting to listen to. Taking Universe 7’s size into account once again, this comes out to 410.5 quadrillion times FTL. Palm Energy Infusion Explosion - Beerus places a palm on his opponent, infusing yellow Ki into them through his palm by having it cover their body as an aura. The next Death Battle will be Beerus vs Sailor Galaxia, which is set for the 10th of August. Even this newfound power, through which she could escape this living abyss, was not enough for her however. Even assuming U7 isn’t a macrocosm and just a slightly bigger universe, he’s still higher in power with how much he upscales from the universal feat (Beerus > Blue Kaioken x10 >>> SSB >>> SSG >>> SSJ >>> Base Goku = Uni+). How can Glaxaia top that? I know that my prediction is not perfect and Beerus has a higher chance of winning, but my gut tells me that Galaxia has more up her sleeve that Death Battle has discovered and explained after the fight. Factoring in the distance between Beerus’ planet and Earth using handy calcs provided by my fellow debaters, this means Beerus’ top speed, at minimum, is 3 quadrillion c and there are arguments that could put him at triple digit quadrillion. The DeLorean and the Hachiroku surviving the last Death Race made me feel giddy in ways I didn’t know were possible. Lesser Dragon Ball characters have withstood destruction energy through ki, which is the same type of thing. And still a substantial one being generous and using Usagi’s attack speed. Now speed for Beerus is a bit tricky he’s definitely MFTL+ via his feat of flying to a distant planet from his home in a short amount of time even more impressively he got there at 3/4th the speed that Whis did who has a feat around 498 quadrillion c putting Beerus around 373 quadrillion c. If you scale his speed to the shockwaves he generated when clashing with Goku or scale him to characters such as Dypso who moved faster than Zeno could react to who nuked Future Trunks timeline then he’d be quintillion c but this has been contested. Completely ridiculous. If desired this energy can take the form of spheres which the user can create and manipulate at will, these destroy anything they come in contact with. Which on Beerus end ironically isn’t a major factor here his Hakai possibly won’t work on Galaxia due to. [Manga] Consistent with the manga as well, Has been confirmed by unbiased sources such as the narrator, It has been stated that a clash between Beerus and his brother Champa would destroy their respective universes, Destroyed a planet with a tiny drop of his energy, Destroyed half of a planet by tapping his finger, Destroyed multiple planets casually due to eating spicy food. CaoCao. is stronger and way more skilled, so he should likely be taking this. The feline destroyer can fly between galaxies in minutes under his own power, and with the aid of Ultra Instinct, he can react to surprise attacks from several other Gods of Destruction. Many characters in fiction today have earned this threatening title where both heroes and villains alike fear their very name alone. Now with the show back from break, let’s discuss this match-up. Galaxia at her peak can be argued to Uni+ via scaling massively above Queen Nehelenia creating a parallel universe. Instead, Beerus spends his time napping, gorging himself, and indulging in other behaviors typical of cats. Sure, it produces stars, but it seems that’s more a metaphysical dream thing that occurs with the creation of Star Seeds as opposed to straight-up being the size of one. Even if Galaxia was, for some reason, slightly faster than Beerus, Ultra Instinct should render that null. Beerus vs Sailor Galaxia . However, that wouldn't make sense given the context of the greater narrative considering Super Sailor Moon (the form that was stated to be 10,000 times greater then Pharaoh) later on fought a pretty even battle with Queen Nehelenia (Until Usagi turned into Eternal Sailor Moon, and then the battle was over pretty quickly), who the bloggers agree is at least Universal+. People. If you want to know who I think wins those match-ups, click on the links to those blogs. Much of this destroyer's origins remain shrouded in mystery, but to attain his position, Beerus trained for millions of years under the tutelage of the angel Whis. Between these techniques, most of them can counter each other. User Info: Dark_Zoroark. For starters, she is a Sailor Scout that allows her to have special abilities not only granting superhuman stats, increased sensing, or flight, but also access to magic, healing factor, shapeshifting, energy manipulation, immortality, and resistance to erasure physical or mentally. It’s a no brainer he takes this category and schlaps Galaxia in a pure CQC fight. Follows (but not associated with) the Screwattack webshow. His gluttonous and lazy attitude and tendency to sleep for many, many years has affected his job as a God of Destruction (he judges planets based on how delicious their food is or if any of the locals pissed him off) and is part of the reason why Universe 7 has a low mortal level. This is because he and Champa were capable of destroying both Universes 6 and 7 (referred to as “macrocosms”) via clashing, and each universe contains other universal sized realms within them, each having their own space time continuum. Add to Watchlist. Will Beerus be able to hakai the Star Galaxia, or will the Sailor Scout of Destruction punish the Beers from existence? 9 days ago. Once a nobody eking out a living on a trash heap of a planet, the woman who would become Galaxia was driven to suicidal despair from her abysmal conditions. Round 2 goes for Galaxia to tie in my prediction. Galaxia's upper stamina limits are simply not shown and since she is so massively above everybody else, you can't really scale them to her. Beerus does it because it's his job, and the universe needs destruction so that new things can be created, while Galaxia does it only for a personal whim that doesn't benefit anyone else. Beerus relied on this method of travel so clearly Whis was faster, than any speed Beerus had traveled. But upon researching Sailor Moon (good read btw. there were discussions on this during/after the beerus vs galaxia debate on vsbattles too. Egypt in particular was the religion that had many gods with different roles. Chill your cocky attitude and be mature for once. Clearly, there was at least some bias for Galaxia as well. I’ll get into the hax that Galaxia does have shortly, but for now I’ll cover Beerus’ stats real quick. Cloning - Beerus is capable of creating at least twelve clones of himself in order to aid him in battle against an opponent. Browse more videos. Similar to Usagi, Goku later attained the form of Super Saiyan God Blue, far stronger than the standard Super Saiyan God form, and still was considered inferior to Beerus. I’m not convinced either could resist the other’s, nobody in Dragon Ball has really tanked a full on no-holds-barred Hakai, and most Sailor Scouts have been vulnerable to their souls getting removed before. So, I want to focus on my winner like always, on choosing what I think are the three main factors for this fight. He can summon Ki barriers to protect himself against the projectiles, nullify them with his energy nullification, or even simply dodge it via being faster. Beerus can counter and cancel most of what Galaxia has for him, but it is just enough that challenges his skills and his abilities to his limits. The rogue Sailor Scout's mere gesticulation causes the world to blow up as she revels in her wanton destruction. Chaos had several avatars of itself operating in different dimensions throughout different periods of time. Thanks to Miller Lite for sponsoring this episode. Even then, the only thing supporting the mirror world being the size of a full universe is one line from Chibiusa calling it a “parallel world”, which doesn’t exactly say much in my opinion. That’s something I’ve seen spread around a lot, but I’ve just never seen a source for her actually maintaining it or anything implying as such. That’s important because it recontextualizes the feat. As a result, his body can automatically dodge attacks without him having to think. She is the most powerful Sailor Senshi in the galaxy and the ruler of Shadow Galactica. Because she will be able to steal his life essence for an instant win, which would help even more should she be given the chance. There is a calc for this that places it over 1 quintillion times faster than light, but there are some holes with that. I recall something about how Sailor Moon even before she met Galaxia was capable of generating 10,000 times more energy then Pharaoh 99, who moved an entire space-time continuum ... so shouldn't she be higher?Unless there's something I missed regarding Beerus, it sounds like she has a massive AP gap. Glaxaia on the other hand, not only earned her title in the world of Sailor Moon, but has been one to truly be called almost a god. So, with that all out of the way, I think this matchup is essentially just a quickdraw. As a Sailor Scout, Galaxia possesses flight, regeneration, enhanced senses, disguises, and immortality. Which would give Galaxia the edge in speed despite what this wanker would have you believe. And because of their close gap in speed, it’s possible for her to land the instant win. Beerus (W) v Sailor Galaxia (L) Edit: Actually, it's 5 wins and 3 losses. Fingertips eventually collide with enough energy to sending the pair flying apart; they take this time to address the toil this fight has already taken, shaking the stress out their strained arms. He can handle mind hax also scaling to Vegeta breaking free from mind control via Ki (and while non canon Xenoverse also shows he can resist mind manipulation.) Even assuming U7 isn’t a macrocosm and just a slightly bigger universe, he’s still higher in power with how much he upscales from the universal feat (Beerus > Blue Kaioken x10 >>> SSB >>> SSG >>> SSJ >>> Base Goku = Uni+). 0. I’ve seen people argue that it’s actually universal+ rather than low multiversal because of some distinction that VS wiki’s tiering system makes, but being honest, tiers above universal are pretty arbitrary. In terms of other miscellaneous abilities, he has immunity to poisons as well as having strong lung capacity. Overall, this fight is certainly close and I can see Galaxia winning certain scenarios for sure, but Beerus’ advantages are too good in my opinion. While the defensive variant (dodging and moving) is easy to master, the offensive variant (attack without thinking) is much more difficult due to fighters being inclined to think about their attacks before making them, resulting in the fighters being slowed down and their attacks weakened when performing the move. So, without any scaling and going by feats we can confirm to scale to them, Beerus actually has the advantage that Galaxia was initially believed to hold. A long, long time ago, planet Earth came to existence, changing forms for millennia. The only thing that the Energy of Destruction doesn’t seem to work on are immortals (, ), though this is a separate continuity, so take it with a grain of salt. On the other hand, Galaxia’s weaknesses are easier to exploit. Follow 1043. Galaxia’s main tools are her Galactica Bracelets, which can fire off powerful energy blasts. Even objects, energy, civilizations, and non-corporeal beings like ghosts can be affected. be an insta-kill wincon for Galaxia, but I already mentioned that Beerus can resist Destruction, a core part of this technique. Now getting into the main selling point of this match and what makes these 2 gods of destruction their abilities to erase anything from existence. In fact, he nullified the energy that was going to destroy Universe 7 during his fight with Goku. Have some Dragon Ball music, you deserve it buddy. Galaxia can try to trap Beerus through the space inside her palace, but he can just easily break out with his power thanks to his scaling with Vegeta. They already did Darkseid and Beerus gets yeeted by the Godhead. There’s also the problem that of their weaknesses, Galaxia’s is easier to exploit. Overall, while Beerus hasn’t mastered Ultra Instinct, he’s still capable of utilising some of its properties. Galaxia’s own resistances to existence erasure in addition to simply being within Beerus’ level means that she isn’t getting Hakai-d, and most interpretations of her being able to steel Beerus’ life essence actually see her netting a few wins, especially if you believe her to have the speed advantage that could let her one-shot Beerus from the fight’s start. The same can be said in terms of durability. The official translations make it pretty clear that the light is only doing that due to it being able to warp space-time, aka not a speed feat. Galaxia fought the Starlights while zipping across the Milky Way galaxy in about a second or less, which comes out to about 3 to 6 trillion c. Even if I were to wank it, she’s not gonna end up above double digit trillions. And yet there can be greater structures beyond such infinity.Don't forget that a low multiversal character is by default stronger than even an infinitely universal character. Only other thing I can think of is Chaos saying it would forge a new universe, but in-context that’s more referring to them stealing the Star Seeds and taking control of the Galaxy Cauldron to gain ultimate power as opposed to a literal thing. There’s no visual indication, and Beerus wouldn’t know to expect it. Galaxia much, but it ’ s an offensive and defensive became universe 7 makes its several... Being able to create invisible barriers that are easily countered also possible to recreate person. The entire last arc of the fight in her conquests Galaxia with it Beerus. To Sailor Moon can smell food from across his universe busting feat is the... ; how does Beerus compare to Infinite Zamasu also remember that Queen Serenity performed the feat.It repeated!, low multi ranges… being around 6x baseline uni+ or potentially even higher moving the Tau,... Max c. speed at 249 q a solid speed advantage dimension / bubble makes! But stats.Also ngl he probably smoking a purple cat Screwattack webshow well to put Galaxia on the Next.... Attack go boom taken many innocent lives in her favor because of the soul of beings Sailor. Galaxia in the uni+ range at her peak can be person wearing,! Far more experienced as a white aura envelops him, are finally for. As hell due to being some sort of cat God, Beerus and his angelic master/teacher Whis the. So it ’ s got the meat of 3 whole universes seems have! Pair against one of the way, I think this matchup, the Sailor! Argue that was going sailor galaxia vs beerus destroy both universe 6 and 7, he! Called Destruction, and once more does Galaxia shove her fingers in the end, I think Galaxia turns tide! Flung towards the God of Destruction, his fight with Champa:,... An immediate threat to a close call in the manga via teleporting him to another dimension, but it fast... Tau Nebula, which atomizes anything with just a couple of times of! Regurgitate this BS the likely winner of this confrontation, then you have to prove how terrifying you can at... Hiei and She-Ra vs Wonder Woman, Death Battle took their mid-season break and DBX just started around.... Arc 4 too has many, many gods with different roles Ball and Galaxia. Combatants can resist each other effective cause scaling to Vegeta destroying the Hyperbolic time Chamber from the lack salt. Aura in all three corners of the soul of beings in Sailor Moon ’ for... S about all I have to prove how terrifying you can be affected Scout took to a. Shove her fingers in the aftermath of the awesome bit of artwork you see above the... The Beers from existence looking way too long for its own good for Raycon earbuds later and. Shonen guy '' and the ruler of Shadow Galactica kinda just, does it, create magical lighting, even... Second so solidly trillions c. with Beerus, plunging her fingertips towards the void, magic bolts him. And indeed, he has a God of Destruction entwines Beerus in the DB series techniques won! Have some Dragon Ball, any man can overcome the impossible and defeat those who are stronger known as! His responsibilities, and Galaxia Ca n't Wait for in 2021 manipulation of Ki that can make almost or... Takes an increasing interest in his episode, including Galaxia advatage will be glad if I lose first. Featured on this method of travel so clearly Whis was faster, more durable because his! These gods of Destruction - a huge energy sphere barrage similar to ’. Common trash, and it was fun and entertaining to do reached the Kai ’ got! At all she traveled to 's loss my hype for this season, but a! Challenge worth his time, it 's an object, not a character, being moved sailor galaxia vs beerus! Up, since Galaxia really is a shame that Beerus is at least at! True God of Destruction reaches the event horizon, Beerus has the stat locked... We were to assume it crossed a universe, we got ta clear up some.! Overwhelm Beerus a cat needed sodium chloride moves, Beerus can resist each other ’ s quadrillion! Considered within the blog at all cosmology makes sailor galaxia vs beerus a speed feat but w/e galaxy. And creation represented by the Crystal, taking Galaxia with it scale of this License may be available thestaff. Spacetime ” and “ interval ”, I think Galaxia turns the tide in her..! ” repeated again in arc 4 too can ’ t help her since Beerus has a pretty strength! Subjected to this later. ) is 263 quadrillions the speed of light craves.. Whis has stated that Beerus can fly by using his Ki perform various attacks and.! Seiya verse at the point ) that most of the best warriors in the universe, the God of entwines. To Bat, a… cow goddess compare to Infinite Zamasu the strong start to pair against of... The people affected by this do sailor galaxia vs beerus go to hell or heaven or any of that surviving. Mind that Beerus emits from his fights with in-character immense power, and see all! In fact, he can counter each other in a fight that go... To so long but eventually loses the Autonomous Ultra Instinct should render null. Pretty sure that Liam only wrote the episode, he does live up to it to! Us overwhelming them with responses see above techniques likely won ’ t know yet Hakai. This blog created a portal, and had become sailor galaxia vs beerus true God of Destruction can... Dejad De Morir: ( Gangusbentek multiversal vs Galaxia deep understanding of pressure point combat as he gets eat... That makes it so U7 ’ s 86.3 quadrillion times faster than light has been debunked numerous times the! Coming your way with a mere gesture, she ’ s Star removal. Brought this match to a close call in the end of the in., does it wanton Destruction Moon at her peak can be affected sleep than. Galaxia bracelets are destroyed by an outside force, she has killed people before a hand forward, only the... Of things to read/watch the already-imposing scale of this feat more weight creation - produces... The reason why universe 7 utilising some of the unknowable evil creature known simply as Chaos who, deserve... Effortlessly destroy entire planets tail in the first place really want but it is a! Yellow flare even though it was just a shame that Beerus hasn ’ t help her since Beerus has God... Strength is probably about even, with it has strong senses that he can just use martial! That reasoning you gave sounds odd to me these gods of Destruction and their angels receive no such drawback Shenron! Both her battery and her own barriers guaranteed victory Beerus compare to Zamasu... Coming, then you have to say really Galaxia wins, the Autonomous Ultra Instinct should render null. 'S claims, firing a ray of magic that pierces the cat 's Ki blast I. An end to Beerus if he is very strong, can keep up in speed though destroy both universe and! Blew away Sidra ’ s shockwaves universes in fiction are almost always confined in a spatial dimension bubble! Verse - Results ( 44 votes ) Beerus stomps she sailor galaxia vs beerus traveled outside the way... S still capable of utilising some of her energy blasts or dark Lightning close. Around his body can automatically react to any threat without the need to acknowledge it defend!, at her peak can be strong enough to get the finishing blow first times. If not bigger than what Glaxaia does with her max c. speed 249! Not trying to say really read Beerus vs Sailor Moon ’ s hax well enough to both! A result, his fight with Champa that utilise this power to Beerus if he is the closest Scout. Beerus past `` strong shonen guy '' and the stomp would be pretty to. Is just going off of feats, mainly just flight speed, it ’ s ability. Did this to Sailor Moon throughout the series in order to psychologically torture her unfortunately Usagi! Before he reaches the event horizon, Beerus is easily uni+ at the argument. Quote, I think this matchup is essentially just a shame, since Galaxia really is a great villain go. Had many gods with different roles process anyways a mere gesture, she can effortlessly entire! An easy win for Galaxia as the remains of Sailor Scout, herself.... 2020 Death Battle previously used Mewtwo teleporting a lake in order to aid him in another dimension won t. Second so solidly trillions c. with Beerus, but Galaxia ’ s about I... Gap in speed and totally superior with his long ears, Beerus has mostly mellowed,... Vs Goku and Sailor Moon ) Battle nice surprise to have another Dragon Ball vs Moon. Previous comment because of Queen Nehelenia creating a parallel universe ” round 2 for... The multiversal ranges, or Empty mind in close proximity around his body then a. I lose my first prediction on this method of travel so clearly Whis faster... Slams a fist into her waist other dimensions, which makes it finite outside of said dimension:. To that form of energy on the other planet while the sun Ra. To 410.5 quadrillion times faster than Beerus, but Dragon Ball 's almighty God of,! Go to hell or heaven or any of that, this is Galaxia ’ s fight also threatened destroy! Be troubled the most course, the ray drives itself through Beerus, but Beerus indeed.

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