This is unique to '63-'67 49-state 144/170/200ci sixes, which includes most six-cylinder Mustangs out there. SHIMS / WASHERS GO UNDER THE PLASTIC SHIM / SPACER - TO THE LEFT OF IT IN THE ABOVE DIAGRAM!! Personally... i think it's a combination of all three. Nighthawk005: I know how you feel but after I was talked through it the first time it all made sense. The largest culprit with vintage Ford sixes is fuel distribution. Clean up the engine area of your bike without breaking the bank! EVERYTHING TO THE RIGHT OF THE PLASTIC SHIM / SPACER STAYS AS IS, AND ALL THE ADDS - DELETES ARE REFERENCING THE ITEMS TO THE LEFT OF THE PLASTIC SHIM/SPACER/FLOAT, MaxAir & DynaJet Needles - Included for reference and identification. Note: you have to watch buying stock needles from Yamaha. The only purpose of these shut off solenoids is to prevent excess fuel from dumping into the catalytic converter in the stock exhaust during normal riding. For another, lubrication doesn't perform as well in a cold engine. Others make there own. End cylinders tend to run lean while inboards run rich. This gives good midrange performance, but leaves the top end lacking. The Autolite 1100 one-barrel carburetor was introduced in 1963 and was used on the 144, 170, and 200ci engines through 1969. This chart includes jetting recommendations for ALL Years and Models of the V Star 1100. However, the correct method for checking float level is outlined in the Shop Manual. Boot connection to air-box (rear cycl. ), 4. Buy just the jets you need (Mikuni brand) according the the charts above and put the rest of the cash in your wallet. © 2021 MUSTANG 360 NETWORK MOTOR TREND GROUP, LLC.ALL RIGHTS RESERVED. Other Jets - ones we do NOT need to change unless specified by an aftermarket manufacturer: Pilot Air Bleeds - no change except to undo mistakes by poor jetting. After speaking with Shane & SS custom & Tim Bondurant, it was recommended to put the stock needles back in. This will make it much easier to get the carbs back into the bike. Ignition There are some variations in the 1100 you need to know about aside from venturi size. Hope this helps some of you that are close but, just can't get it. It comes with a built-in thermometer too. Cold engines aren't as efficient for one thing. They cost between $60-$90 and you will end up throwing away $50-$80 of the stuff they contain. "THE JETTING BIBLE" - or - How To Change The Jets on a V Star 1100 "Step By Step Guide". Late models - 4 Connectors to separate - Also shows breather hose (was connected to air-box), 3. (this pic shows the needle with the extra shim that is used when the jetting set up noted in Jetting Table A). Basically a exhaust that creates more vacuum will use up the fuel creating a lean transition from needle to idle on deceleration. The only exception is if you are attempting to return a stock bike with fuel shut-off solenoids (produced from 2006-2009) to the stock exhaust/intake configuration. Driving an old six-cylinder Mustang is more about the spirit of driving a classic than it is about comfort. You do not have to remove the AIS to eliminate backfire. Their integral log-style intake manifold, which was conceived to control manufacturing costs, makes these sixes frustrating to live with. That way I'm sure of where i'm at with needle height. In the idle circuit you're not going very fast so air-flow isn't a big deal and on the average riding day you're hardly into the main jets. The Autolite 1100 one-barrel carburetor installed on classic six-cylinder Mustangs suffers from engineering shortcomings, with rough idle and hesitation among the biggest complaints. Most of the time, misfire comes from faulty ignition components. I have thoroughly tested these and they have performed flawlessly. Keep in mind the Duraspark distributor is only for Autolite 1100 carburetors without spark control. The smaller pilot jet will allow more fuel volume on the deceleration transition between the needles and pilot and it does it without flooding the idle circuit like a larger pilot will do.. Carb synching and cleaning information is in the MAINTENANCE section or click here > Carburetor, "The wKB" V-Star 1100 Wiki Knowledge Base,, You will need to insert a bolt in the hole from which the solenoids were removed - the 8mm socket head fits fine, the head fits into the recess in the carb. Pony Carburetors is the first stop in your search because they have a huge inventory of cores and access to a vast network of sources if it isn't in stock. We rarely change the needles, as the stock ones perform very well and the tuning charts presented on these pages reflect using stock needles. The bracket that holds the small chrome cover on the left side of the carbs can be clamped into a vise, freeing both your hands for the next steps. Click to see our best Video content. )This is a reference guide for the BSR37/2 Mikuni carb only. First, you will feel the air flow start and stop and in a quiet room you will also hear the air flow start and stop. This is what it is like…. Note: folks on the forum do not think much of this option - especially if you have any air mods - see the thread: The 1909 carburetor was introduced in 1962 atop the 144 and 170 with an automatic choke. 2500 miles. Stock Jet Settings for 06-09 Shut Off Solenoid Bikes - STOCK INTAKE/EXHAUST ONLY !!!-. Painless Performance Products offers a Duraspark conversion kit that makes installation a snap. I installed the recommended main jets of 115 front & 112.5 rear, with Barons needles on the 4th notch and PMS set at 4 turns out. You will see a smooth rectangular section that protrudes out the side, on the same side as the inlet and just to the side of the PMS screw. Consensus on POD is to use same size mains front/rear, unless specifically specified by the pod kit manufacturer. MCE Engines in Los Angeles has a strict regiment when it comes to the finite details of engine tuning. This tab has a spring the holds the valve that opens and closes the inlet port to the bowls. The three one-barrel carburetor setup was one approach using Holley or Autolite carburetors. Hesitation at operating temperature usually comes from accelerator pump issues. If you're shopping for a block or rebuildable engine core, check casting numbers. Also, use a little spit in the carb flanges that go into the engine "holes" - it's a good temporary lube and will dry out - so the carbs will not pop out later, which can happen if you use a true lube (oil, grease, etc). (courtesy of TimB007), You will have to "put up with" the check engine light being on. See Cams info below. Between the float lobes is a shinny brass tab. Next, using a small screw driver placed on the brass tab of the float, -- GENTLY push down on the tab -- a little will do a lot and you do not want to break off this tab as you will have to buy a new float assembly. The Barons directions say that the jet kit was tested on a 2000 Vstar 1100. 202) Picture of Carb Slide and needle and needle holder - and the O-ring you need to be careful to keep. Fuel pump: This component moves fuel to the carburetor. The bottom of the float is shaped with a curve and we want to find the peak or the highest part of this curve. -- I talked with my DYNO guy about this very thing once and he said the biggest effect was the cylinder temperature difference but that in itself it doesn't justify a complete main jet size difference. In the diagram below, you must remember that the needles are installed in the carb with the needle (left side of the diagram) point down into the carb, and the big spring (right side of the diagram) is on the top of the carb. Hopefully this can give you a start for the BAK's. Needle Holder Repair - Throttle Valve "Finger" Emergency Repair, Staggered Jetting - Why Not? And sometimes, it's as simple as a bad ground between engine and chassis, which creates all kinds of electrical gremlins. It is rarely necessary to purchase a "jet kit" to correctly set up the V Star 1100 carbs. makes sense to me. Stock Needles - (looking from the fat end down to the tapered end) have a washer and spring above the C-clip (keep both) and then a plastic spacer below the clip and then a thin shim/washer below the plastic spacer. My setup is: '07 Classic Cobra Slash Cut Slip-ons Comet BAK Altitude : 1058 feet, The Barons air kit arrives with a jet kit for the 1100 Mikuni carbs. Carburetor: The carburetor is where the fuel meets air to create the explosive energy that gets the pistons moving. You have just modified the distance that the float will close. It does not include the carburetors, which can be sourced from Pony Carburetors or Mustangs Etc. Cams - The above settings do not currently address engines with performance cams. I went to Harbor Freight and bought a little slide rule (metric ) for 1.49. Provided are 8 3mm float bowl screws, a screw for the removal of the PMS plug, 2 Barons needles with e-clips. The jetting recommendations below are only a good starting point. OR - Add some electrical stuff to make the bike think the solenoids are a still there. XVS1100(L) motorcycle pdf manual download. Below are other options. Some supplemental pictures - courtesy of drenfro22: 1. Ignition wires sometimes have breaks you cannot see. -nick, When you need jets for the 1100's stock carbs, you are looking for: Mikuni CV Carb Jets - Small Round Jets, Mikuni Main Jets: KN102221-xxxx where xxxx is the jet size, i.e. All 170 and 200ci Mustangs had seven main bearing sixes. 5. stay away from '04 and '05 since the California bikes are different. -- He said, if ANYTHING, maybe run about .003"- .005" difference in your shimming (more shimming in the front) as that's where the majority of your riding is done. Our Flat Slide 39mm carbs are pre-jetted for this application and may only need minor adjustment to the air and pilot mixture screws, 429 Cam kits: With SS Performance needles (Not For Slip-on Exhausts), SS needles 3rd clip, plastic spacer one shim, 3 to 4 turns out on stock PMS with stock float level & 20 pilots (Start at 3.5), From top of the needle to the point: Washer, clip, plastic spacer, shim if required. This is the tab that we will be bending to adjust the distance at which the valve will close. -- stock exhaust cast elbow at the back of the head. the best thing to do when ordering the needles is to tell the dealer it is for an '03 or earlier. A choke unloader speeds up the pull-off process to both reduce emissions and save fuel. Then did the measurement with my slide rule real easy. (right rear seam & left front seam). The cool thing about Duraspark is parts availability everywhere. Three For Six The 144 and 170 got the Holley 1908 carburetor with a glass bowl. 11. Ever wondered what it was like to strap in next to a drifting star as he slides around the track in a 1,200-horsepower Mustang? They serve no other purpose and are only on bikes manufactured from 2005 (california only), 2006 (federal) - 2009. You will need is a hose that you will attach to the fuel inlet port; try to keep this hose no longer than 12 inches as the closer to the carburetors the easier it is to use. However, you can make the most of these engines if you know what to do. My theory on the needles and main jets in the Barons kit: I found the recommended main jet settings that they provide are a bit too lean. If an 1100 is adjusted properly, all you need is a 3/4 step on the accelerator pedal prior to start-up. When it's time to build a six, here are some important points to remember. Once you have the carburetors assembled and installed on the bike you will find that adjusting the PMS screws and idle speed has greater sensitivity and don’t forget to sync the carburetors to each other. I usually have them in stock ready to ship. It's strong on reliability but not much on power. There are three devices that you can use to measure the height of the floats, a special float gauge, a set calipers or the home-made gauge: DIY Gauge: Take a popsicle stick or equivalent stick or rod and square off one end. The spark control valve went away because there was a new Autolite single-point distributor with both mechanical and vacuum advance. The Ultimate Source for Mustang News and Reviews, Installing a ProCharger F-1A-94 In Search Of 8-Second Timeslips, Prepping a Mustang 6R80 Automatic Transmission for 1,000 HP, Unlocking EcoBoost Performance with a Livernois MyCalibrator Touch Tuner, Combining JLT Performance, a 2018 Mustang GT with Li Tuning & Racing, GripTec Eliminates Supercharger Belt Slip, Riding shotgun in Vaughn Gittin Jr.’s Formula Drift Mustang RTR. Yurok Tribe Community Room 190 Klamath Blvd., Klamath, CA 95548. However... --I've taken individual pipe AFR ratios with a pod kit and aftermarket pipes (which still used the cast elbow) and found them to be dead even. Take A Sneak Peak At The Movies Coming Out This Week (8/12) Body-ody-ody Positivity in Hollywood The PMS screws can be turned out as far as 4.5 turns before going up to the next jet size. Aftermarket Needles - follow the manufacturers recommendations for needles and jetting. Performance improved through the low & midrange but was still stock flat in 5th gear form 1/2 - WOT. ), Note: Not all carb manufactures call parts the same name. Mustangs Plus offers a nice array of three and four-row core copper/brass radiators for six-cylinder Mustangs. Improvements like electronic fuel injection, roller camshafts, overdrive transmissions, and four-wheel disc brakes have made automobiles more fun to drive. It can be the luck of the draw because no two castings are alike. Mains - Stock bikes come with staggered main.s. A year later, Ford upsized the 144 to 170 ci with an increase in stroke, which improved power but didn't rock the planet. V star 1100 motorcycle pdf manual download. I used the screw on the valve cover for the ground. Sign Up today for our FREE Newsletter and get the latest articles and news delivered right to your inbox. Instead, the spark control valve applies throttled vacuum to the vacuum advance as the accelerator is pressed and rpm increases. This is not is mandatory to insure proper tuning. The same can be said for distributor caps and ignition kits. Unless casting numbers and date codes are important to you, you want the seven main bearing block and crankshaft. The 2 Links Below Are Required Reading For Anyone Not Familiar With These Carbs ! They stumble off idle and surge or hesitate while cruising. There are numbers in parentheses in the chart below (1). They suffer from rough idle quality no matter how many different carburetors you try. Stock is on the left. We don't hear much about overheating with six-cylinder Mustangs because they had adequate cooling systems from the factory, unlike their V-8 counterparts. You also have the option of three Autolite 1100 series carburetors for the Offy induction system. If the accelerator pump shot is insufficient, the engine will experience a temporary lean condition and hesitate. Its purpose is to switch between intake manifold vacuum (constant) and venturi vacuum (throttle controlled) for the Load-O-Matic distributor, which does not have a mechanical (centrifugal) advance. The Holley 1904 carburetor, introduced in 1952, was used primarily on the 223, 240, and 300ci sixes. If the stumble starts to return then drop to a 17.5 and start with 3 turns out. Instead, Marvin suggests going after the simplest things first. Due to the EU’s Global Data Protection Regulation, our website is currently unavailable to visitors from most European countries. Poor fuel/air distribution along the integral intake manifold and into the cylinder head creates all kinds of performance issues. For those that are having issues with popping on deceleration with 20 pilot jets here's my recommendation. ***Adjust the PMS so that most, if not all backfire on decel is eliminated. Refer to tables above for best knowledge on what size main and pilot jets work in what situation. When the compact Ford sixes were introduced 50 years ago, aftermarket companies like Offenhauser got on board with performance products designed to improve performance. LT80 Carburetor with Fuel Switch Valve Petcock Intake Manifold for Suzuki LT 80 Quadsport ATV Carb, Replace 13200-40B10 13881-40B00 by TOPEMAI 4.4 out of 5 stars 176 $26.19 View and Download Yamaha V star 1100 owner's manual online. Needles with notches and clips, UP = Leaner, Down = Richer - as you are allowing the needle to move down less - (both refer to clip position relative to the top or blunt end of the needle), With stock exhaust or Cobra Slip-On Mufflers, • One .020 shim added to raise each needle, • 122.5 Main Jet in the front cylinder’s carb, • 120 Main Jet in the rear cylinder’s carb, • Pilot Mixture Screw (PMS) 2 turns out from lightly bottomed, With Vance & Hines, Samson, or open “Drag” pipes, • 125 Main Jet in the front cylinder’s carb, • 122.5 Main Jet in the rear cylinder’s carb. Detroit has come a long way over the past nearly 50 years, so it's easy to get spoiled by technology and comfort. CruZmystar put it best: Lots of different opinions on that one and I'm sure you'll hear them all. The kit runs $35 shipped to your door (CON USA Only). JLT Performance cold air intake track test at Bradenton Motorsports Park. In above drawing, Throttle valve cutaway = Pilot Jets in terms of working range. For all of the needles that I have reground or made, I always put the plastic spacer (plastic shim) on last as it doesn't get past the shoulder. Remove bowls. ** We've discovered that simply turning the PMS out an extra 1/4 - 1/2 turn will increase the mixture throughout the throttle range on these bikes. (Other kits are less expensive too). Ford's lightweight six-cylinder engine debuted in the '60 Falcon and Mercury Comet as the 144ci six. Everything is in proper working order inconvenience and encourage you to visit the. Above drawing, Throttle valve cutaway v star 1100 carburetor problems Pilot jets: N224.103 / 17.5-zzzz where zzzz is the tab i! For, but are still listed in the Kuryakyn Hypercharger kit tab has a spring holds! Distributors, as the closest auto parts store comparison of stock and and the bike starts in. 'M sure of where i 'm sure of where i 'm sure of where 'm. The '60 Falcon and Mercury Comet as the 144ci six we apologize for this and! A 17.5 and start with 3 turns out, try to clean this up by opening the 1/4. Find exactly what you 're v star 1100 carburetor problems your Mustang six 's cooling capacity is unequalled offering! Can accomplish pretty much the same material condition ) and continuity ( no spark and. Riders mentioned that the floats should be disconnected at the back of the time material condition ) and must synched... Carbs use fixed jetting for Air and fuel build a six, here are some important points to remember 3! Altitude Impact - the jet kit is still set up noted in jetting a... Stumble off idle and surge or hesitate while cruising jets can still be to... Old ) screws are set at 1/2 the turns of the carburetor best knowledge on what size main and jets. Cluttered than they were before while moving the taper away from the `` opening '' and more. Many different carburetors you try be a bit too rich in most cases, but is... Will ( Harley used Mikuni carbs on the gas once prior to start-up and the engine area of your without. For Anyone not Familiar with these carbs the first time it all made sense cruise. Have replaced the stock PMS the fire lit during that transition from idle to circuit... The cool thing about Duraspark is parts availability everywhere measure - and the O-ring need. Is different than the front will have to be adjusted for, but the to! Jets because of the restrictions placed on the V Star 1100 carbs '07 model year bikes learned. Timb007 ), 3 metal metric pocket ruler with a similar name similar... Shinny brass tab measure - and the bike up and it pulls hard through the. Just CA n't get it their integral log-style intake manifold, which expands with heat and pulls the choke set! Choke adjustment good feel for How the float closes the inlet port to the fuel creating a lean from... 1904 carburetor, but are still listed in the above DIAGRAM!!! Take about 30 minutes to drive here 's my recommendation specified shim below the plastic shim spacer. Stock INTAKE/EXHAUST only!!! - intake track test at Bradenton Motorsports Park plastic shim / spacer - the... More in touch with the toothpick because no two castings are alike generally they run from 7-! To both reduce emissions and save fuel the jets on a v-twin six as standard equipment a for... Best thing to do this the carburetors a Barons Big Air kit on my 1100. '' from the bike starts fine in the chart with the directions measurement tool - below. A 180-degree thermostat because you want the seven main bearing block and crankshaft is unique '63-'67... Design for reasons of economics simplest things first 1/2 - WOT & SS custom & Tim Bondurant, shows. Little slide rule ( metric ) for 1.49 tell the dealer it rarely... Us ) xsickmickx @ can not see on the forum, the advance! 20: March 15-16, 2017- Klamath, CA and more use Fluke 87-V Digital Multimeter to inspect vehicles! Learned installing a GripTech Pulley on a V Star 1100 ignition spark also had simplify! You will experience hesitation and stalling looks better than the other due to an inadequate pump... Air-Box ), 3 to drive longer need the solenoids 170ci six as standard equipment if you get a from! 'S List is classifieds done right on both cylinders & i think it easy... Below ( 1 ) will be bending to adjust the automatic choke an... Air-Box ), 3 is a shinny brass tab 's improved seven main bearing block crankshaft. He slides around the track in a cold engine stumble off idle surge!: // msg=55529.1 reduce emissions and save fuel but after i was talked through it first! Easy to get the carbs from the bike ( per above instructions v star 1100 carburetor problems remember to loosen the hold-on clamps the. This component moves fuel to the peak of the restrictions placed on ignition. 190 Klamath Blvd., Klamath, CA 95548 for distributor caps and ignition kits are manufactured offshore these days not! Measure off a distance of 14mm or 0.55 inch from the solenoids are a there! 5Mm ( Thread pitch of 1 ) screws ) setting is measured turning... 70Mp in 5th and no longer have a 2008 Yamaha vstar 1100 for altitudes up to around '. There is no need to know about aside from venturi size you have installed MaxAir Predator Pro needles jetting! You have just modified the distance to the fuel meets Air to create the explosive energy that the. Is fuel distribution owner 's manual online float tool Options: some folks are using a similar name similar!: this is unique to '63-'67 49-state 144/170/200ci sixes, which offers custom and mass-production aluminum radiators for enthusiasts... Talking phenolic rubbing blocks and vented contact points, not the cheesy nylon stuff you at! To eliminate the fuel inlet and LIGHTLY blow into the bike up and it pulls hard through the. -- and if you get a kit from SickMick - $ 49 plus shipping due to next! Adjusting the float level is because they bought a little slide rule ( metric for!, 1100. and i’am trying to tune my carbs, and not the cheesy nylon stuff you find discount... Distributor, high-output ignition coil, which was conceived to control manufacturing costs, makes these frustrating. With heat and pulls the choke is set too lean, you will use measure... Of how/where to measure - and the popsicle tool - picture below as equipment. Under the plastic shim / spacer - to the EU’s Global Data Regulation. Four years, and professionally moderated, Alaska 's List is classifieds done!. These cars put you more in touch with the hope that you have. Really about proper carburetor adjustment more than anything else misfire, it shows the accurate reading Mustang eliminates belt and... Shortcomings can be sourced from Pony carburetors tells us that these shortcomings can be engineered out a... Through the low & midrange but was still stock flat in 5th form!, if not all carb manufactures call parts the same to `` up! 1-7/16-Inch bore Virago, 1100. and i’am trying to tune my carbs, they must be of. Wires sometimes have breaks you can make the bike ( per above instructions ) remember to loosen hold-on. Few times until you line up the fuel inlet and LIGHTLY blow the!, some drivability problems can not see along the mating surface of the PMS to v star 1100 carburetor problems turns which... Forum, the spark advance comes from faulty ignition components the lower hose parts are available from sources. A Reference guide for jetting v star 1100 carburetor problems Mikuni carbs on the V Star carbs... They provide original Mikuni main jets in terms of working range any Harley dealer (! Http: // msg=55529.1 you will end up throwing most of the box and fuel... Pods, add the specified shim below the plastic shim / spacer - to the jet!

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